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Update on Fundraising event

k. hentschel
k. hentschel schrieb am 02.11.2011

We are hoping to raise the money for our end of year prizes before Christmas. We have continued to work alongside the farmers and teach them ways of improving their gardens. It is exciting to see how enthusiastic they are to learn about their garden and they have many wonderful questions.

Such as: “Why can we not use pig manure on our gardens?”  And “How can we get rid of bugs that eat our plants”

These things are very important for an Organic garden and are often more difficult to tackle without the use of harsh chemicals. However the farmers are learning how important it is to care for their gardens diligently so as to protect against diseases and pests. They are learning how plants grow and how there is an important interaction with the soil. They are learning how to care for the soil and protect against the harsh environmental condition. 

We hope that these prizes will encourage the farmers to listen hard and learn what they are being taught in the workshops. 

Thank you kindly for your help and support.