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Helena S.
Helena S. schrieb am 17.06.2011

Hej! Thanks for your interest in this fundraising campaign! I offer a picture editing of your own picture from a minimum dation of 30 Euro. I'm editing it that it looks similar to the showed picture (please click on it, otherwise it is biased). I'm not prefessionell but therefore I'm making the picture with a lot of passion :)

If you send me a picture, please choose one with is shooted frontal and which shows a lot of your body (like the example picture). I give my best to finish the pictures fast (within 10 days), but I can guarantee for nothing! If you need it before, just write me a message!

I'm collecting for a new school building for a school in Kenia, because they have to pay a hugh rent for the old building and it is in a really bad condition. Education is so important and the organisation "future for kids" tries to enable a few kids a school education.

If you need another picture editing just write me! If I'm able to do it, I'll do it ;) Thanks a lot already for just reading!