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50km charity walk from Frankfurt to Eltville

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Misson accomplished (a short update follows)

A. Grittini
A. Grittini schrieb am 12.05.2011

16 plus hours after leaving the Deutsche Bank 'Green Towers' on Saturday morning (6am) we arrived in Eltville in total darkness (10:30pm) utterly fatigued yet entranced at having accomplished our mission!

For certain, we could not have reached Eltville without Orla's husband's five deliveries of water, socks, snacks and encouragement (all in equal measure and especially welcome when temperatures were soaring and we had nowhere to seek repsite from the sun).

There were a suprisingly few number of watering 'holes' on route that were either open and/or in the right spot for us along the planned 50km route. And during the last few kilometres, when less determined and much more sensible souls, would perhaps have chosen to collapse in a heap and not put another foot infront of another, some music by The Smiths, U2, and Agnes Obel proved to be a morale booster and spurred us on for some more snail-like walking!

A few days on, we are of course still nursing the odd stubborn blister, coupled with a few aching limbs, but that's surely nothing compared with the daily struggles and pains so many people face in life and so frequently due to lack of financial support that can in turn, lead to one major life improvement or another.

On a smilar note, we are genuinely humbled by your generous donations (so many of them anonymous also), the numerous messages of support, the texts and calls 'en route' last Saturday, the friends who joined us spontaneously just to "say hello" and walk with us a little. You all know who you are: Thank you!

And to coin one of Bob Geldof's sayings (for those that would still like to donate, the site will be live/open for at least another four weeks), please "just give us your money!"

Anna & Orla