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Please sponsor me for the Masaka Marathon

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I forwarded our collected money to these projects

J. MUGABI schrieb am 07.08.2011


Dear precious supporter,

I thank you so much for all your kind support towards my participation in the Masaka Marathon to raise funds for food for the starving children in Uganda.

I have forwarded a donation from Lucy Hamilton to the Food for Starving Children project. The donation will add up and be used to buy maize flour and sugar to prepare porridge meals for the starving children.

We are now in need of €2430 to accomplish the needs of this project.

Please help to spread the message. I need more sponsorship for the Masaka Marathon. Every little counts and will make a world of difference among the starving children.

I am glad that as I will be running the 14Km track of the Masaka Marathon, I will be assured of cheers from friends, and starving children will be accessing food.

Thank you so much Lucy, thank you so much Helene, and thank you so much all


With many thanks and best wishes