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D. Heinert
D. Heinert schrieb am 11.05.2011

ShelterBox - Disaster Relief: €1,007.00 Erdbeben/Tsunami Japan: €1,007.00

Thank you very much for your support, dear gamers. With 2014 € we were able to do a lot of good things for people in the need of help in Japan.

Just to give you an overview what 2.014 Euro actually does mean:

With only 36 Euro, six people in Japan will be supplied with a package, which contains important foods like rice, sugar, oil, beans, lentils, tea, milk, water, salt and spicery.

A complete ShelterBox (750€), contains 1500 single pieces which can supply a family up to ten persons for at least six months (!) with essential things to survive.

We are very grateful for this support,Yyour InnoGames team