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Earthquake and Tsunami in Japan

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Unser gesammeltes Geld ging an diese Projekte

Björn L.
Björn L. schrieb am 16.03.2011

Japanhilfe für Erdbeben und Tsunamiopfer: 50,00 € Erdbeben/Tsunami Japan: 50,00 € Japan: Hilfe nach dem Erdbeben und Tsunami: 50,00 € ShelterBox hilft weltweit Menschen in Not: 50,00 € Nothilfe Erdbeben und Tsunami Japan: 50,00 €

Thank you very much to everyone who donated! They will be used by the local partner NGOs to support the victims in japan.

Via twitter we received several thank yous for all your contributions. Here are some messages coming directly from Japan:

@go700lr10I am so thankful - in the truest meaning of the word arigato, we donot take what you are doing for granted. Thank you from the bottom ofmy heart@TriggerJones42My deepest gratitude goes to all the Europeans who are worrying aboutus. Thank you so so much. Because you are with us, we won't give up.@MomeBomuThank you very much for your efforts from so far away. I only have mywords to express my gratitude.