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Earthquake and Tsunami in Japan

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I forwarded our collected money to these projects

Björn L.
Björn L. schrieb am 14.03.2011

Erdbeben/Tsunami Japan: €45.00 Japan: Help after the earthquake and tsunami: €30.00 Nothilfe Erdbeben und Tsunami Japan: €45.00 ShelterBox - Disaster Relief: €150.00

Thank you for all your donations. The money is now forwarded to all organizations, who are already working with their local partners in Japan. We already did receive some 'thank you' messages directly from Japan. Here are a few quotes:

"Thank you very much. We will return the favour without fail. I cannot find the right words to express my feelings. Don't watch us die. Please help us."

"Thank you. It is important that we don't try to manage on our own. We depend on help from outside! Please help us. I am very very scared. I am crying while I write this. Thank you so much for your kind help. Thank you. And please help us."

"Thank you very much. Donations from abroad are very encouraging and made me happy. I am crying right now. We will likely to have to ask all of you abroad for help. We don't have the choice to flee abroad."