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Michael's fundraising event

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M. Bole
M. Bole schrieb am 17.02.2013

I would wish to call upon Donors,volunteers,well-wishers to help me fundraise money for the project in Kenya that is a non profit making organization that deals with HIV/AIDS, Orphans and vulnerable children,widows and street children.This organization was started in 2007 and we need support since our people suffer from shelter,food,drugs,and many others.We would like to call upon volunteers to join us now and contribute to help this needy through our project bank details below.

  1 .Bank Name; National bank of Kenya LTD 2. Branch; Kisumu 3. Swift Code; NBKEKENXXX 4. A/C NO; 0124827068400 5. A/C Name; Husambae Community Based Organization 6. Po box 7108-40100 Kisumu-Kenya   We would highly apreciate your help and may God bless you.You can contact us through project Executive Director Email; mchlbole@yahoo.com Tel+254720606352 Michael Joseph