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Pastor R Stephen's fundraising event

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Praise the Lord!

Pastor R Stephen D.
Pastor R Stephen D. schrieb am 18.01.2011

Dear Sir/Madam

Greetings from Sahara Christian Academy/madwsindia.org Joshiyara Uttarkashi Uttarakhand.I would like to request you to kindly visit our project and advocate on the issues which is very importand to make difference and develop the childen those who are really in the slums areas and no have any hope and insurence in their life due to proverty and lack of awareness in the community.I am reponsible person of this valuable project like to see day by day better changes and developent of the children in the project.I would like to invite you as a project suporter/partner for His glory.Children are needy a helping hand for their bright future.Your donations and support will be expence directly to the needy one for their better development.