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I forwarded our collected money to these projects

Tom Z.
Tom Z. schrieb am 28.01.2011

ACT LANKA: €1,000.00

Dear C.A.N Community - in particular those who have donated to our CAN-ACT-Campaign, As you might have heard in the news, the worst rains in 100 years have caused a natural disaster in Sri Lanka."Aid workers scrambled to help more than a million people in Sri Lanka suffering from massive flooding described by the government as the worst natural disaster since the 2004 tsunami." CNN  Unfortunatly the area where our HAPPINESS CENTRE will be opened is also affected by the flood causing further delay and additional costs.Fortunately our project is over-funded so that we can use the extra money for • the necessary renovations on the building of our centre and other centres that ACT is running in the area. • the ongoing flood relief efforts that ACT is working on at the moment.For more information about ACT's current work visit their website: http://www.actlanka.org/We feel very fortunate that through our cooperation with ACT we are able to effectively help a vast number of people at such difficult times.A big THANK YOU to the members of our CAN-Community who have donated to this project.If you feel inclined to provide further support to ACT LANKA's work - of course you can donate via their betterplace site:http://www.betterplace.org/projects/5378-act-lankaLove&Light