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H.B Dinner For The Needy 2010

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We Gave them a great Christmas!

H. Worldwide
H. Worldwide schrieb am 22.12.2010

Building Villages A World For Every Orphan: €100.00

When it comes to Christmas some people don't get to celebrate the only thing they do is go to Church and come back home stay in their house. To the side of the street and homeless they just stay on the roads as usual to beg for a coin to feed them in a day.


To the Orphans and their single mothers they just either go to church or sit on the door of their house looking and admiring what the neighbors are cooking or eating.But this time you all gave them a chance to have a specious meal look at the smiley kids and everyone in these photos.

It was such a fantastic day we didn't do alot on it other than making sure we get to feed the 220 children and 70 women who came!.If you look at these pictures don't they show they all say Thank you!. And of course HAPPY NEW YEAR! wishes from them all, you really made it happen.