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S. Haeberli
S. Haeberli schrieb am 11.12.2010

Teach a Child - Africa: 300,00 €

Thank you very much indeed for your kind suport! It is my pleasure to forward 300.- to the project 'Schulbuecher und Taschenrechner fuer AIDS-Waisen' by Teach a Child - Africa. The gathering will take place next week and all volunteers in Kenya are already looking forward to that event!

We are happy to buy revision books for our students and hand them over to them next Wednesday. I am sure the children will be more than happy. I will make sure to take pictures and keep you posted.

My fundraising event will remain active until we have enough funds to send Sheila to school. Please support her! She is so close to accomplishing her dream...

With best regards and many thanks!