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12,000km on cycles for adequacy in rural India

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Call for your continued support

W. Koch
W. Koch schrieb am 12.03.2011

Dear friends,

Thank you all for contributing to our humble efforts and our journey in search of adequacy. A total of 2,283 km of our 12,000 km journey have already been sponsored (some of them outside of betterplace).

We need your continued support to be on the road with the mission. Be the ambassadors, and spread the word amongst your friends and colleagues, urging them to support. We have estimated our costs to be Rs 60 per kilometer (including both of us). We are inviting you and your friends to sponsor as many kilometers as you want! Click here to know the many ways in which you can help us. If you want to sponsor a few kilometers, you can either contribute directly here, into our account, or you can sms ‘Ride’ to 58888 for more details (Indian mobile phones only).

We are moving in a space of compelling hope. We have completed 40 incredible days and met more than a 100 amazing people. To give you an idea of the kind of impact they have: around 10-12 of them directly transformed at least 25 villages and inspired transformation in many more, afforested over 30,000 hectares of waste land, raised the ground water levels enough to increase the per capita income through agriculture from 100s of rupees to tens of thousands of rupees, and converted thousands of hectares of cultivated land into authentic organic farms!

As we meet people who have spent most of their lives dedicated to some cause or the other or the wise old men from the villages and listen to their perspectives, our belief in the purpose of our journey becomes stronger... with each passing day, with each passing kilometer.

Thank you!