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12,000km on cycles for adequacy in rural India

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And the winner is...

W. Koch
W. Koch schrieb am 06.02.2011

The Glass Half Full - it matters what we measure: €500.00

Susanna Krueger from good root in Berlin.  Congratulations, Susanna!!! You have won the waterproof cycling bags of the Ortlieb Greenpeace series valued at 99 Euro. And we are sure, you will love them as much as we love ours.

Thank you everyone for participating in this fundraising event. A total of 2,048 km have been purchased so far and we are currently seeking a sponsor for the next prize. So, keep checking in every now and then or better even, subscribe to our posts via RSS, email, Facebook or Twitter.

With much love from day 8 of our cycling journey in Ahmednagar, Maharashtra. Kalyan + Wiebke