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W. Koch
W. Koch schrieb am 06.01.2011
December 30, 2010.

Hi everyone. Today we wanted to tell you about betterplace.org. We’ve been using them as our international online fundraising platform of choice for quite a while now and still we don’t cease to be amazed of the outstanding support the betterplace team has extended to us. betterplace is not funded by your donations but by private and corporate supporters who believe in the purpose of it. Check out how you too can make use of their great offers or support them in any way:

  • use them for your own fundraising events, e.g. you could transform your birthday into a fundraising activity to support a social cause of your choice. It’s easy, a great add-on to facebook and a great way to manage your guest list
  • buy gift vouchers as birthday gifts or for other occasions
  • support one of over 1,938 projects in 109 countries by making a small contribution
  • make a donation to betterplace.org when contributing to a project (possible when entering the amount you donate)
  • spread the word about them

Or right now, you could decide to skip fireworks this year and donate instead! It’s not too late yet. Ask your friends and family to refrain from bringing fireworks, champagne and presents to your party. Instead, ask them to make a small donation to the aid project you have chosen.

It’s easy, it’s safe and all donations made to aid projects are passed on 100%, no fees are being deducted. If the project of your choice is a charitable organisation according to German law, you even get a tax break

More info on http://www.betterplace.org