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12,000km on cycles for adequacy in rural India

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Our collected money goes to this project---Unser g

W. Koch
W. Koch schrieb am 18.12.2010

The Glass Half Full - it matters what we measure: €800.00

Wow, whoever has just taken action anonymously: thank you!!!

We're thrilled to have found a new sponsor that's taken on a whopping 830km all by him oder herself. That's 830km more on our journey for adequacy and in total, we're already set for 1,560 km of the total of 12,000 km.

This is very encouraging and every contribution, be it for 1km or 830km, moves us to bits (I tend to cry more than tough cookie Kalyan, of course. After all, he's the man in the team ;-).

A Merry Christmas to you, whereever you maybe!!