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: Increasing support to Orphans&Destitute children

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J. Mak... schrieb am 13.10.2010



We are a Institution which is devoted to help the needy and the orphans children In Nakuru kenya,we are a small growing school that is devoted to help children cater for there education and sharing love to the needy and orphans children through feeding program , despite of there parents and family Diedwe are devoted to help them forget about the past and be able to help Build there future through Education programs and feeding program,this school is a Chrisstian school,which welcomes all who are willing to help and volunteer to help the children on how God guides, we also give medication where application in accordance of our strengths we have at the moment although we need more help to help the orphans and the needy children the society


we are situated at Rhondah in Kenya Nakuru county,this place is where the poverty has dominated and many families ended up in sex commercial to help them feed there children or enable them to survive with there families and due to this many family ends up loosing there beloved once through HIV/AIDS which the most dangerous virus in this community

Health: Every child needs access to vaccines, nutrition and medical treatment so he can survive against diseases like pneumonia, diarrhea, malaria, tuberculosis and HIV/AIDS. Also, maternal healthcare is equally important because healthy children need healthy mothers.

.Children orphaned by AIDS may miss out on school enrolment, have their schooling interrupted or perform poorly in school as a result of their situation. Expenses such as school fees and school uniforms present major barriers, since many orphans caregivers cannot afford these costs.Extended families sometimes see school fees as a major factor in deciding not to take on additional children orphaned by AIDS.

AIDS orphans may also leave school to attend to ill family members, work or to look after young siblings. Even before the death of a parent, children may miss out on educational opportunities; research in Kenya suggests that children of HIV-positive parents are significantly less likely to attend school than other children.

Outside of school, AIDS orphans may also miss out on valuable life-skills and practical knowledge that would have been passed on to them by their parents. Without this knowledge and a basic school education, children may be more likely to face social, economic and health problems as they grow up.

When children are orphaned, they become vulnerable to a whole host of dangers in the name of supporting themselves and their siblings. Children who have been orphaned often drop out of school to provide for themselves and to pay for food and school fees for younger siblings. Orphaned children often fall prey to sexual exploitation and possibly prostitution


Psychological distress – Children suffer from the fear of loss once a parent has been diagnosed with HIV/AIDS as well as the stigma that accompanies the disease in many regions of the world.

Loss of inheritance – In many countries around the world, property and inheritance laws do not protect the rights of orphans and widows and they are prohibited from claiming what is rightly theirs. Even when inheritance laws are on the books they are often not enforced

Education: During a childs earliest years we must nurture her potential with early childhood development and then continue to support her with a quality primary and secondary education so in the future she can lead a healthier and more prosperous life for herself, her family and her community.


Protection: When a child is made extremely vulnerable by poverty, abuse or the death of a parent, we need to create a safety net to support a girl at risk of child marriage or a boy whose family cant afford to care for him any longer.

Malnutrition and illness  Orphaned children are at an elevated risk for malnutrition and illness in addition to a lack of access to health care.


Stigma, discrimination and isolation  When they are orphaned by HIV/AIDS, children must oftentimes leave their familiar surroundings and may not be as readily accepted by extended family members. Even when children remain in familiar surroundings, they may become victims of discrimination or isolation due to common misunderstandings of the disease and how it is spread.