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Running for kids with disabilities

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Morning Glow

t. harbauer
t. harbauer schrieb am 26.05.2022

Second Morning run and already a bit better I really enjoyed the beatiful sunrise that was accompanying me this morning. The sky still was full of dark clouds but the sun began to break through and bathed everything in a golden light. On my way I met many school children whom I had to give of course all high five when passing. The first part of the route is always easy downhill to the big Baobab tree and from there it is exhausting and you fight about 2-3 km up the mountain. On the way, my path was suddenly crossed by a black track. As if someone had lost oil. A wide black line on the red sandy ground. When approaching, however, the black line came to life. An army of giant ants, termites crossed my path. Often you only see the big termite towers on the side of the road where they live, but here they were marching. Termites can kill whole cows with their sharp mouthparts and eat them completely...I heard...in awe I took a big jump over them. Today is further program for our Spina Bifida and Hydrocephalus kids planned. Yesterday the kids were skating and skateboarding on the newly built obstacles. A lot of fun. One of the new Spina Bifida kids, a 3 d old newborn is getting a spinal cord closure in surgery today. The rest continue to learn catheterization today and we take care of wound care today. More updates tomorrow then. I continue to need your support and would really appreciate some motivation. I am running for our children here and every kilometer is worth running and donating. Share share share and dont hesitate to click on DONATE :-) :-) :-)