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Newsletter September 2010

Waridi S.
Waridi S. schrieb am 08.09.2010

The summer is coming to an end, slowly it is turning autumn and it is getting chilly outside. That’s why we changed the picture on our facebook page again: The girl with the red scarf is back! You did not see it yet? Then go to our Facebook page and check it out! You will also get more frequent news from i-magine e.V. including exclusive pictures and videos. Plus: it is the easiest way to get in touch with us!


Now back to the news in here: we have news about the theater project acting with you, a visit in Kenya is coming up, we got a generous donation and we taking part in two big events in Berlin – want to know more? Read on!




ACTING WITH YOU                                                                                                       


Theater Galli in Berlin is getting ready – the first play will be on stage in October. We have not set the dates yet, but of course we will let you know. It would be great to see you there! The play, written by Johannes Galli himself, is called Trojas Trick – because the HI-Virus is as tricky as the soldiers with the Trojan Horse. Besides the regular theater-audience, Theater Galli also offers to play for school classes as part of their sex-education lessons. 






On 17.-18. Of September, there is a special event taking place in Berlins Townhall. On the 17th, HIV im Dialog, a congress for pharma-enterpreneurs doing research in the field of HIV medication is taking place. During day there will be some program – i-magine e.V. is participating and will provide two workshops for kids: one will be about being creative and designing their own T-Shirts. During the workshop there will be time for their questions about HIV. The second workshop is a theater workshop on the spot, together with Marion Martinez of Theater Galli. In that workshop, the kids can learn how to be strong and self-confident, and say no in situations they might say yes and then regret it. The RED-Walk is a Fashion show which aims to bring awareness about HIV. It will take place on 18th of September. In collaboration with Galeries Lafayette and ESMOD Berlin i-magine e.V. will present accessories made of condoms and therefore puts protection in the spotlight. It is gonna be an extraordinary show!









Thanks to everybody who contributed a little bit for the Amani-Group in Kenya through betterplace. Waridis birthday was the perfect occasion to spread the word. Already 200 Euros have been collected! But we don’t want to stop there now.


Waridi is visiting the Amani-Group on 22.-29. of September and wants to come with good news: that the kids can continue going to school. The project “Amani-Group” on betterplace.org is still missing 1.000 Euros. Only when the amount is completed, betterplace.org will transfer the money to i-magine e.V. Everybody who can give a couple of Euros – please chip in. It doesn’t have to be much, if everybody gives something, then we can achieve that amount, too.


Go to: http://www.betterplace.org/groups/waridisbirthday           






We got a donation from VENTANA Germany – a window company in Vreden. They have been supporting us  for several years now and organized a public viewing during the world cup and a schlager festival. A part of the gains were used for a good cause: supporting i-magine e.V. in bringing awareness on HIV.