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I forwarded our collected money

Waridi S.
Waridi S. schrieb am 01.09.2010

Schooling for the kids of the Amani-Group: €200.00

Hey everybody,


thank you once again for your donations! I already forwarded the money to the project "schooling for the kids of the Amani-Group".

betterplace.org keeps the money on their account until the need is fully completed and all donations have been collected. Just then they send the money to my organization i-magine e.V.

We still need 1.000 Euros to make that happen!!!!

Please, tell your friends and everybody you know to contribute a little bit! I am going to Kenya on the 22nd of September and it would be so great if I coud provide money to the Aani-Group so the kids can continue going to school!


Spread the word by telling others, in person, by mail, through facebook and twitter....

Every Euro counts!