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I forwarded our collected money to these projects

F. Gottwald
F. Gottwald schrieb am 31.08.2010

Agroforstwirtschaft in Kaule, Nepal: €16.00 Existenzen sichern mit Aufforstung: €16.00 ShelterBox rettet tausende Leben in Pakistan: €27.00

Due to your ongoing support, I was able to send money to our three projects. All of them stand for sustainable and long-lasting development in developing countries and while the flood in Pakistan is still a main topic in the news, requiring lots of donations and help, I do not want to forget our other two projects in Nepal and Peru.

Every Euro counts and might be worth ten times more in developing countries than what it is to us. I thank you all for your donations and I am sure that they will help to change the world to the better. Thanks to us and other donators, the Salem project of a tree nursery in Togo was finally able to finance a new well!

I would also like to direct you to the website http://greenpilots.net where you can find a link towards our wiki, where we can coordinate future steps towards the Greenpilots project.

All the best,