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200 Euro!!!

F. Gottwald
F. Gottwald schrieb am 04.08.2010

Dear colleagues in the air and on the ground,

we already collected 200 Euros and that after two weeks only! Well done and thank you to all donors, pilots and ATC controllers likewise! I am really happy that we got that far in such little time.

Elke Krüger of Plan Verde e.V. www.plan-verde.org wrote to me earlier on, expressing how grateful she is that we have already donated 50 Euros to their Neem tree project in Peru. With the pot now standing at 51 Euros and most of the week still ahead of us, I am sure that we will be able to give more this sunday already!

In this moment I am trying to get a wiki to work. Through that we will be able to connect and coordinate the upcoming Greenpilots network. In the wiki we can come together and discuss the future of the project, before starting a website and filling it with content. Thinking about a website, I already have a small request:

Is anyone of you able to create a professional website or do you know someone who might be up to the job? Besides collecting money, we will sure be giving advise to colleagues all over the world on how to save fuel, resources and CO2 output. Hopefully we will have a tool to connect with each other and exchange ideas and through a blog, we can point out problems on a daily basis. Would it not be a waste to see our ambitions fail due to the lack of a decent website? If you can help, please write an email to cockpit-crew@gmx.de

So far for now. Thank you for all your donations! I wish you happy landings and nice colelagues on the radio :-)