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Computop supports school children in Tansania

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40 students started school with our scholarships

Ralf Gladis
Ralf Gladis schrieb am 24.01.2022

School started in Tanzania last week. Thanks to our donors 40 students were able to start at Tweyambe Secondary School with a full scholarship covering education, food, dormitory and healthcare.

Given that Tweyambe is a boarding school the students need a lot of equipment. My Rotarian friend, Erasto Kishula, helped the school with the organization including transport of mattresses for the dormitories.

This is a great milestone for our cause: This project only started in November. Just two months later 40 children have scholarships to attend Tweyambe Secondary School. Good education will change their lives for the better. Moreover, it will have a positive impact on their families.
Thank you so much to all donors and all the helping hands involved. We'll reach out to all donors with a yearly scholarship to introduce you to the students.