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Day 4 - Halfway Checkpoint (almost)

Tim Stölting
Tim Stölting schrieb am 06.09.2021

My fourth day of riding started with foggy conditions along the Main River, together with my buddy Hadi. After 20 km Hadi turned around and I was facing the Spessart mountain, where another 20 km of climbing was lying ahead of me. 900 m of incline and 20 km later I had another 20km of descend until I arrived in Aschaffenburg, where I met another friend, Jens. After a cold brew coffee and a sandwich at Karacho Coffee we tackled the last 50km of the 130km ride. With new energy and the power of slipstream I arrived at my parents place in Offenbach. After 500km in 4 days (and 2 rest days) I spent the weekend in Offenbach, mostly eating. Tomorrow, I will cycle 100 km to Heidelberg and then continue along the Rhine river to Cologne, Olfen and finally, Amsterdam. 

Love, Tim