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Ride for research - 1150 km to fight cancer

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Days 1 to 3: Rain, sun and sore legs

Tim Stölting
Tim Stölting schrieb am 01.09.2021

After a rainy start in Murnau and 100km through hills and forests I spent a day in Munich to see some friends from Highschool. Another rainy morning and around 140 km later I found myself in the Franconian Lake District, where I saw some blue skies for the first time. I spent the night in a little hotel and after pizza, pasta AND a salad (to my defense, I have been burning around 4500 calories extra a day) I had a short but refreshing night‘s sleep. On the agenda for the next day: 131 km to my beloved Würzburg to see some friends from my bachelors. During my ride I‘ve experienced some great highs but also the first of probably many lows on my journey, but an iced coffee and a butter pretzel will always get me back on the bike. I will enjoy another rest day tomorrow visiting one of the lakes nearby (yes, I am biking there) and catching up with some friends. Also, we‘ve passed the 2000€ mark today, which is more than I would have ever imagined when I started this. So thank you all, for your support and the daily messages that get me back on that increasingly uncomfortable saddle. 375/1150 completed, 775 km to go. Let’s do this! 

Love, Tim