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Ride for research - 1150 km to fight cancer

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One week to go - Murnau instead of Lengau

Tim Stölting
Tim Stölting schrieb am 23.08.2021

Hi everyone, 
Here’s a little update on my tour: We had to reschedule our family holiday due to corona, which is why I have been biking across the Bavarian Alps to meet my family in Murnau (near the German-Austrian border) instead of Lengau (the initial starting point of my tour). I will therefore start the tour to Amsterdam this Sunday (29.8) from Murnau, the route will stay almost exactly the same with the first stop being Munich. I want to thank you all for the support, the countless messages, and the donations. The fundraiser is still live at https://www.betterplace.org/en/fundraising-events/38910-ride-for-research-1150-km-to-fight-cancer where I will post daily updates once I am on the road. I feel really inspired by all of you and can’t wait to finally start pedaling. 

Love, Tim