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Ride for research - 1150 km to fight cancer

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The bags are packed - and we've hit our first goal!

Tim Stölting
Tim Stölting schrieb am 14.08.2021

Sincerely, thank you to everyone for the kind words, the support, and the donations! I feel extremely grateful and inspired by all of you. Within 4 days, we have reached the first goal of 1150€ and I didn't even hit the road yet. I am currently at my grandma's celebrating her birthday and enjoying some quality cake. On Monday, I will take the train to Munich and then continue to Lengau by bike, where I will spend 10 days with my family (exclusively for altitude training of course 😜). On the 31st of August, I will start the actual tour, through Munich, Würzburg, Frankfurt, Koblenz, Cologne, Olfen (for my grandma's high-quality cake), and then finally, Amsterdam. Given the amazing response, I have updated the donation goal and can't wait to actually get on the road and pedal, for my mom, the German Cancer Aid, and for all of you. This is just the beginning.