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April Charity Quiz Update - 25 April 2021

Quizzing Without Borders
Quizzing Without Borders schrieb am 25.04.2021

Our 2nd quiz for charity was a real success! Thank you so much to the 52 super-engaged teams, with participants from all across Europe and India, China, South Korea, Australia, Brazil and the US! We are also proud of our age mix ranging from 4 to 79!

We loved preparing the questions and conducting every minute of it! 

Thanks to all of you, we have now raised an additional €607 making it a total of €1,742 so far. That's 17% of or current target! 

A big congratulations to Frank The Tank from Vöhringen, Germany, who won this month’s quiz with 32380 points.

Also a big congratulations to the polar-bear question-adjusted final Top 12 teams.
1) Frank The Tank (32380 points)
2 Quizzen mit Herz (31225 points)
3) MFs2 (30334 points)
4) Anna ( 29428 points)
5) Ignoramus (29095 points)
6) Wero and Plebs (28231 points)
7) Juliano (27525 points)
8) Marie and Plebs (27310 points)
9) Andreas Nuremberg (27104 points)
10) Team Hendesse (26938 points)
11) Jan und Plebs (26782 points)
12 Alfonso (26600 points)

Well done. It was a tight race with only few points difference.

We cannot wait to see you again at the next quiz on 30 May. Donate & register now at go.quizzingwithoutborders.com/donate2register

Stay safe and until next time,
Quizzingly yours,
A & A  

P.S. We will do the math next week. Check back here to see how the money was allocated.