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We keep on cycling! From now on 50% of the donations will be used for direct aid in the homes and 50% to finance the schooling of the 7 friends.

The events in Lebanon over the last few days were heart breaking. Our thoughts and prayers are with the injured and their families, the volunteers, our friends and the entire country.

Over the last days, we have been wondering how to act next. What is the best way that Lebanon on Wheels can make itself useful at this time. On the one hand, we want to use our platform to help as many people as possible. On the other, now more than ever it is important that we keep our focus firmly on our friends, who are at risk of being forgotten.

Our aid is focused towards our friends in the homes. The priest who directs the project, Abouna Romanos, has informed us that thankfully our friends in the homes, the nuns and caretakers were not injured, but windows and doors broke because of the shockwave. In the long run, our aim to make schooling possible for our friends Ayman, Charbel, Fady, Ghattas, Tony, Rached and Elie has a very important impact on their life. Nevertheless in light of the situation we have decided to safeguard a part of the fundraising of this year’s Lebanon on Wheels to cover the costs of urgent needs in the homes.

From now on 50% of the donations will be used for direct aid in the homes and 50% to finance the schooling of the 7 friends. 
(This only applies on donations coming from now on, August 6th, 2020, 6 pm)

We’re in close contact with the sisters to see where our help in the homes could be most useful.

What we know so far:
- Material damage so far includes broken doors and windows in the two homes of our friends in Beirut.
- Many families of our friends in the homes were affected by the catastrophe and are therefore less and less able to provide key support at this moment.
- We expect a deterioration of the supply situation of the homes due to the increasingly difficult economic situation in the country and import shortages.

Where we want to support:
- Re-construction aid for the homes- Long-term support of the homes with scarce and/or expensive basic needs (diapers, medicine, powder milk etc.)
- Potential unplanned shortages, any unexpected medical operations

Support our friends in the homes, motivate Benita and Antonius who are going the extra mile and DONATE NOW