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Sixdays for HelpAge - Sport can change lives!

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Day 6 of 6 - Aasee --> Riesenbeck

Frank Wilke
Frank Wilke schrieb am 24.05.2020

Really? Today is the final run of the challenge? Hard to believe but looks like it's true!
Today I had a very special guest: Henrik, my running buddy. He also took part in half marathon preparation beginning of 2019. Now he's aiming for a marathon and I'm doing this crazy stuff here.

After leaving the awesome beach area at Aasee and relaxing 7kms of village parts, paths and a brook the first of three bigger increases was waiting for us and we "road killed" it - same for the other two! Hm? Pardon? Mmmhhyes, maybe it was a bit different in reality, but in my memory we beat it!
In between we arrived at the so called "wet triangle". I'm not joking, that's the name of the waterway crossing of Dortmund-Ems-Canal and Midland Canal: https://www.openstreetmap.org/#map=16/52.2774/7.6007

After almost 120km in the past days there were only 8km to go. Sounds easy, doesn't it? Unfortunately this remaining part of the big challenge was the most boring to be honest: 10 mins along the Canal, 10 minutes through a small village, more than 20 minutes along a small annoyingly boring path... come on, where is the end?

Then it's there: the last km! It's almost done! The penultimate curve, 500m to go... Last curve... There it is! ... 10 more steps... and: TADAAAA!!! We made it! I survived the last day and the six day challenge. Unbelievable!


Summary: 23km in 2h 16m 28s.

Overall summary:
 - 127km total distance (longest run: 23.1km on day 5)
 - 2.747m height difference (max height diff: 531m on day 2)
 - 12h 32m 40s total time (max duration 2:16:28s on day 6)
 - 6.528 kilocalories burned (max 1.184 kcal on day 6)

Thanks to the people who donated without even knowing if I'll make it. Thanks for everyone who trusted in me. Thanks for all my colleagues who showed up at the end of a track. Thanks to Henrik for moral support on the very hard last day. And finally thanks to HelpAge for giving me the chance for this charity run.

Final learning: Riesenbecker Sixdays 2021 - I'll be back!