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Day 5 of 6 - Dickenberg --> Aasee

Frank Wilke
Frank Wilke schrieb am 21.05.2020

The unexpected 36 hours break yesterday left me fully back in shape for Day 5. After going around Dickenberg in a big cirlce the course turned southwest and led me closer to the famous hard coal mine in Ibbenbüren. Inactive but impossible to ignore. People started coal mining already in 16th century and this mine here was one of the last two hard coal mines in Germany. They stopped digging for coal from a depth of more than 1.500 meters on Aug 17th 2018 and ended up with a total outpout of 120 Million tons of hard coal. Impressive! 
Let's move on: quite some ups and downs and more than 20km, but today it didn't feel like that, for sure because the last 3 kilometers were almost just downhill and the final spot (Aasee Ibbenbüren) with the beach pub recharged my batteries immediately. Feet in cold water, cold wheat beer in my hand, nice sunshine... can't be much better. 

More than 80% of the challenge is done. "Just" another 22km tomorrow :)


Summary: 23,1km in 2h 12m 45s and a great chillout spot at the end.