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Sixdays for HelpAge - Sport can change lives!

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Day 4 of 6 - Mettingen --> Dickenberg

Frank Wilke
Frank Wilke schrieb am 20.05.2020

To be honest I was a bit scared to wake up with a party balloon instead of a left knee... but surprisingly that wasn't the case. Fully motivated I packed my stuff to go for day #4. It didn't look that hard on the map overview - but let me tell you: I got fooled by the map scale. After km 5 I ran around a curve straight away into "The Wall", a so called steep incline of 35% (thirtyfive, no joke)!

Somewhere in the middle of the run the map told me to turn right, but instead of entering the woods or a tiny overgrown path I got stuck at a fence around a house which was definitely not built in the past two years. Strange... and another extra km (seems to become some kind of tradition).

Igor was already waiting for me at the finish line with water (thanks, man!) and beer - couple minutes later also Annemarie showed up with even more beer... alcohol-free! Did I mention that adjective regarding Igor's beer? No? hm... :p 


Summary: 18,9km in 1h 50m 49s and the joy to realize that 2/3 of the challenge are done!