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1000 km on bike for safe school transportation

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Tax declaration

I didn't share my fundraising activity largely yet but first donations have anyway already been coming in! 180 Euros is a good start! Thank you! I also got, as requested, a few comments or questions. One of which was, if donations could also be given directly to me. This is of course possible too! I would then however still enter them myself via my betterplace.org fund-raising page, to make it visible and have them on the safe side. I would even add a premium to it, an equivalent to what I can claim back from my tax authority at the end of this year. But honestly, I don't see a major advantage for donators not to use this website for their donations. Depending on which country you are located at, you can claim your donation at the end of the year too. An official tax declaration document will be sent to you!