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DV Berlin for the homeless

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DV Social Impact says THANK YOU!

Team DV  .
Team DV . schrieb am 19.12.2018

Dear donor,

thank you very much for your contribution(s) to the fastest and probably most successful Social Fundraising Campaign in DV history!

Our DV Leadership team has decided to not only double our donations (€12.740 x2 = €25.480) but round it up to a total of €30.000.

Thanks to your contribution we have enabled Berliner Stadtmission to operate two more urgently needed hospital beds or – to give you a more concrete idea – they would be able to serve 750 homeless people with a warm dinner, spiritual welfare, and a safe place to sleep.

That’s massive Social Impact.

Thank you again,

Thomas & Annik
on behalf of the DV Berlin Social Impact Initiative