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Juliana, the passionate one.

Priscilla L.
Priscilla L. schrieb am 17.01.2019

Juliana Veras has been a member of Universities Allied for Essential Medicines (UAEM) Europe for the past 6 years. She got involved with UAEM during her doctoral studies in France because, as a young researcher, she realised the dysfunctions of the current innovation system and felt that she had a responsibility for ensuring a better future for our solidarity-based health systems.

Juliana wanted to help public health stakeholders overcome the problems of the current pharmaceutical R&D model. Over the years, she has seen the incredible potential of UAEM to encourage and awaken in many students around the world the desire to get involved in building a more equitable health innovation system.

UAEM is a network of people who listen, think together, ask questions and express themselves  in public debates  to bridge the gap between academic research and access to biomedical innovations for the most vulnerable patients. It is this strength of advocacy and collective work, carried out in collaboration with civil society, that has inspired Juliana to remain with UAEM for all these years.

Through its roots in universities, UAEM has become one of the loudest voices demanding that the fruits of public research be made accessible and affordable to all. Juliana believes and does all that she can so that "Our voice is heard, needed and appreciated to make our future fairer and more sustainable"

Here is Juliana marching on a December 1st for World AIDS day