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Jer, Vici & Lize cycling for access to medicines!

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You did it! We made it! Thank You

Priscilla L.
Priscilla L. schrieb am 27.08.2018

Hurray! UAEM Europe's first ever bikeathon is done! What a feat for our three Dutch UAEMers!  200+km, arriving in Maastricht, tired, but oh so happy!

This was a huge challenge for our non-professional cyclists, and they rose to it willingly and stuck to it until the end. With your continued support along the way, it felt wonderful knowing that you took the time to read about our bike challenge, and even more when you gave something. We hope that we have managed to raise a question mark for you in regards to the access to medicines issue. It is not one that is spoken about everyday, but it affects millions around the world. We, at UAEM, are doing our little part to change the system, and we hope you feel called to do something about it too.

With this fundraising event, we have almost reached our 1,500euros goal, we are only a hundred euros away. Help us top it by the end of this month. Keep sharing the word about UAEM, our mission and our volunteers' dedication. 

From the bottom of our hearts,