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Jer, Vici & Lize cycling for access to medicines!

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Through rain, sun and wind...because UAEM is worth it!

Priscilla L.
Priscilla L. schrieb am 26.08.2018

Today is the 2nd day of the big ride! As this piece of news is being written, Vici, Jerremy and Lze have cycled over 140km. Braving the showers and wind yesterday, today they cycled under a glorious sun towards their goal destination.

The support and encouragement received along the way gave them strength, and most of all, so far, this has been a fun ride. It is a most beautiful thing when you set yourself to doing something you care about, and doing it while having fun.

The many donations received will go towards supporting UAEM Europe's members in their advocacy work, providing them as well with opportunities to develop the skills and knowledge to advance access to medicines issues on campus and beyond.

With your support, we have almost reached the set fundraising amount. Keep up with us for the last few kilometres. As we round up the 200+km, help us round up our fundraising goal!

Let's do this!