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Jer, Vici & Lize cycling for access to medicines!

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Jerremy and Lize went up the hill...

Priscilla L.
Priscilla L. schrieb am 02.08.2018

It has been super hot in Europe these last few weeks, but the burning sun did not deter our brave cyclists! They huffed and they puffed, they encouraged each other and kept pushing on the pedals, and most importantly, they smiled through it! 

In about 3 weeks, the big 200km+ ride will be happening, and Jerremy, Lize and Victoria are getting their endurance up. Thanks to you, more than 1/3 of the fundraising goal of 1500EUR has already been reached! *round of applause*
This was a huge boost to the morale of our bike heroes, it is invigorating for them to know that you care and that you believe in them, in the cause they share.

Keep spreading the word on this event, let's make sure Lize, Victoria and Jerremy feel our love and support!