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Running for kids in Liberia!

Eine Spendenaktion von J. Galvanek


Worum es geht

Janel and Rose are running the 10km Frauenlauf on May 26 and are raising funds for Growing Tree Liberia!

Janel is the Director of Growing Tree Liberia (GTL) and Rose has been volunteering for GTL since its inception in summer 2016 because of its clear vision and unique position, with on-site stakeholders, to create grassroots change that can truly make the world a better place. GTL is planning to establish a child-care complex for vulnerable and neglected children, in particular orphans, at a site 45 minutes north of Monrovia in Bomi County, Liberia. GTL also provides school fees for 19 children in the impoverished downtown Monrovia neighborhood of Clay Street, allowing children to attend school who would otherwise not be able to.

Children in the West-African country of Liberia suffer greatly under extreme poverty, the effects of a violent civil war and the recent Ebola crisis. Over half of Liberia's population is under the age of 20 years and these children face daunting challenges. For street children, those who have neither a home nor a family, the prospects of getting an education, proper health care or even basic food security remain a distant dream. The government of Liberia has no strategy to deal with the exceptionally high number of street children and orphans in the country. Most of these children are not registered with the government and receive no support or services.

Against this background, GTL, together with our partner organization in Monrovia, Growing Tree Child Care Program, is dedicated to establishing a child-care complex that will serve as a much-needed, and preferably temporary, home to children who have been left without a family to care for them. We envision a 4-acre enclosed property with 5 small 10-person dormitories, a kitchen and dining area, and a library/music school building. The property will be solar-powered and will have its own water tank. The complex will be able to house 50 children. In the long term, Growing Tree Child Care Program plans to establish a foster care system linked to the child care complex in order to offer children a more permanent home and an individual family to care for them. We sincerely hope that the Growing Tree child care complex will be only a temporary stay for children on their way to finding a more permanent, loving home. 

J. Galvanek

J. Galvanek hat diese Spendenaktion am 13. Mai 2018 veröffentlicht.

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