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Eine Spendenaktion von L. Marie

My biggest birthday wish this year!

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Hey lovely friends and family from all over the world! :-)

My 26th birthday is coming up soon and because some of you already asked: I have only one birthday wish this year! Please donate a little bit of your spare money to the following organisation instead of buying me a gift. I am totally fine with only getting (virtual) hugs for my birthday. I’ve had an incredible year with so many doors opening up for me that I want to give something back - even if it’s just a tiny little start.

Travelling through Asia makes it impossible to not see poor people hiding in between the luxury condos and poolside villas. It makes me sad and helpless and maybe I can initiate just a little fundraising for the most precious human beings: the children becoming innocently part of the outcomes of this unequitable world. I’ve picked the “Children’s Shelter Foundation Thailand” with their project “Home for underprivileged children”. This organisation takes in children from the villages around Chiang Mai. The population here struggles a lot with poverty, illnesses and hopelessness. Side effects of drug dealing, drug addiction and human trafficking. Most of all it’s the innocent children that end up suffering from these things. The Children’s Shelter Foundation built a lovely place in the nature, giving the children the home and family support system they so desperately are in need of.

Please help me to fulfil my birthday wish - bringing a tiny little bit of happiness to the kids of the Children’s Shelter Foundation Thailand!

L. Marie

L. Marie hat diese Spendenaktion am 23. März 2018 veröffentlicht.

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