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Sudan not all about money!

Lisa W.
Lisa W. schrieb am 26.04.2010


here in Sudan, I couldnt ind any projects that are already on betterplace. I visited a lot of places, especially orphanages and homes for street children and for children that are addicted to drugs. I found out, as you might know, corruption is everywhere. First of all those children need love care and attention, when you have seen how they live.....I really dont know what to say.So I had to face that there is a lot what you cannot solve with financial suppoert. So right know I found a group of students who are willing to register their own NGO here with the aim to spend time with those children and raise the awarness of them in Sudan.They are really willing to help, and I am glad that I finally could do something, or better motivate some poeple.

For you guys, I tell everyone here about the team, and as soon as I found a project that is suitable for your donations, and in urgent need, and!!!! where I can be sure that it is really used for what it is ment to be, I will let you know.

Thank you so much!Love you! thousends of hugs!