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Eine Spendenaktion von BCG Digital Ventures

DV wants to help where it’s needed!

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Worum es geht

Dear DV’ers,

Please help us and support our fundraising campaigns in and around Berlin!

DV is proud to start a new initiative and to help where it’s needed. With our Christmas fundraising campaign 2017 we want to collect money for Kinderträume e.V., DKMS and jobs4refugees.

Kinderträume e.V.: This association realizes the biggest dreams of life-threatening sick children and adolescents. The fulfillment of the wishes brings joy, new strength and hope into the lives of young people and thus supports them in their struggle for survival. Often the impossible becomes possible. They differentiate within the wish fulfillment in material wishes (such as laptop, bike), experience requests (for example, Disneyland, Legoland) and "celebrity meetings" (for example, famous singers, athletes).

DKMS: In the fight against blood cancer every euro counts, because only the registration of a new donor costs DKMS 35€. With your donation, they can take on even more potential lifesavers and give a chance to live!

Jobs4refugees: It supports refugees with their first steps in entering employment and training. They help refugees with their job search, contact with employers, the bureaucratic obstacles & application training. 

DV expresses its unconditional commitment to this fundraiser by tripling each of your donations until an amount of 10.000€. Each of you can support our fundraiser by 31.12.2017 conveniently and easily by pressing the button. 

Donate simply, securely and with an automatic donation receipt via the green “donate now!” button at the top of this page. Please use only the button on our donation page. 

All donations will be distributed in equal parts to the three recipients in 2018. 

Much thanks for your support!

Team DV  .

Team DV . hat diese Spendenaktion am 09. November 2017 veröffentlicht.

Gefällt dir die Spendenaktion? Dann hilf mit!

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