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Support of the homeless in DUS/ Marathon Oct.

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We did it!!! Thank you again for your generosity/ making a difference in DUS

M. Tran
M. Tran schrieb am 03.10.2017

Hi everyone, 

(Sunday+ Edit)
We did it! Thank you for your generous support for this marathon and reaching the funding target of 500 EUR for the Diakonie! Milwaukee was a great marathon experience and was really glad for the motivational boost and doing some good for Duesseldorf. Again, heartfelt thanks to all the incredibly generous backers to help out the homeless in DUS!! and cheering me on: 

Armin, Axel and Julia, Duyen and Brett, Elias and the anonymous ladies and gentlemen know who they are :)

This was the best running time yet and without you this would not have been possible. The donations have been sent on their way and will do a lot of good this winter in Germany to those in need.

Looking forward to buy you a drink, toast to your health and catch up as soon as we meet again in New York or in Germany. God speed, wishing you all a continued prosperous journey in 2017. 

Sincerely yours, Minh-An
Impressions!;): https://goo.gl/q2zdDX   https://goo.gl/bHzdVi   https://goo.gl/Ri1tiD