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Support of the homeless in DUS/ Marathon Oct.

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2 more week to go...Donation target reached! Wooot!

M. Tran
M. Tran schrieb am 17.09.2017

Hi everyone, 
We got it!! 2 weeks to go and 100% reached! Thanks to you all, the Diakonie has achieved its original funding target for winter clothing for the Duesseldorf homeless. If you feel you would still like to support the cause, it is of course possible , any additional funds will go to the Diakonie for more useful items (washing powder, shoes etc) and make a difference. Travel preparations are ongoing and update from Milwaukee latest then! And for the Sunday, let this glorious Alice Cooper segment remind us where most of us heard of this fair city for the first time: https://goo.gl/RzmGRm Thank you again so much for your support! @zhe Germans: Have a fantastic Oktoberfest Start! @all: have a fantastic weekend with just as much fun & beer! Milwaukee, see you soon.