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Lake Orta, Italy long distance swim accomplished - June 24th

A. Prado
A. Prado schrieb am 03.07.2017

I completed my first long-distance swim of the year on June 24th in Lake Orta, Italy. The distance was 14 kilometers, and I finished in 4 hours and 8 minutes. I placed 41st overall out 145 participants, and 9th in my age group (out of 38).

Here's me coming out of the water with a tired look:
Oceanman Lake Orta finish line (14km; 4 hours, 8 minutes)
A couple of hours later: very happy to have finished, and almost fully recovered (except shoulders). 

Next swim: Starnbergersee, Germany. August 5th, (just) 4 km. 

Your donation, which goes entirely to the Red Cross, is very encouraging to me - please consider making it monthly or quarterly.