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I am going to swim from Asia to Europe on July 23

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In case I don't post until after I finish

S. Thelwall
S. Thelwall schrieb am 22.07.2017

2338 participants, 6.5km, water temperature of 24 degrees ... I am cap number 544.

6 months of training, a bundle of lessons, a few lake training swims, a dip in the sea whilst in Beirut, a training race in the river at Henley. Lots of  circuit trading and weight training. Learnt to swim crawl properly, changed my breastroke technique. 

32 generous donors giving money to save strangers in peril on the sea. Enough monies raised to hoik five of them out before they drown unlike the 5,000 poor souls each year who lose their lives escaping war but in the company of about 15,000 that MOAS do save. 

See you on the other side, drinks are on me 

Thankyou xx