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I am going to swim from Asia to Europe on July 23

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Two sleeps to THE swim

S. Thelwall
S. Thelwall schrieb am 21.07.2017

I am now in Istanbul and I feel like a child on Christmas Eve. There were lots of swimmers on the plane on the way out (some very keen that we all knew it) and I willmeet up with Elena (my Ukrainian swimming partner) this evening. Tomorrow we'll register and take a boat trip to see the course. 

It's not all swimming though. As these are my first days of holiday this year (oh boy do I need them) I booked myself a bit of lux at Soho House hotel ... I think drinks on the roof terrace at sunset will be required at some point. I want to go to SALT and as Elena and her family are here for the first time a wander through the bazaar is compulsory and they need to see the Hagia Sophia etc. 

As for the BIG swim well Elena and I have been watching YouTube videos of swimmers who wore headcams and our round the world sailing pal has been researching the best course plan for us. We are expecting sunshine on Sunday with warm weather and water. 

We have to plan how much we try to stick together ... chat about taking in the view (breastroke) versus putting head down for speed (front crawl) ... tasks best planned over a good Turkish meal I think. 

I have picked out the cossie that I think will cause least chafing, tested out new goggles, brought both Vaseline and factor 50 ... nearly ready. 

Thanks for all your support and donations ... at time of writing the sum raised pays for MOAS to pluck four refugees out of the waters of the Med. Worth doing.