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I am going to swim from Asia to Europe on July 23

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Woohoo! Raised enough to save 2 lives AND my first outdoor swim of the year

S. Thelwall
S. Thelwall schrieb am 07.04.2017

Yeehah ... it costs 150 euros to pluck each human out of the water when MOAS are on a mission. Today is the day we raised enough monies to save two lives ... which given that I'll be swimming with a friend on July 23 was my first fundraising goal .. to save as many lives as there are swimmers in my little group. 

If that wasn't good news enough for the end of a week yesterday marked my first outdoor swim of the year in the delights that are Chesham Moor Gym and Pool - a lido built in 2012 which uses water from their very own artesian well. The added bonus is that the water is heated! That's my 86th UK lido and my fifth year of working towards the goal of swimming in every lido in the UK