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Eine Spendenaktion von M. Schultz

Short Hair for Cancer Support


Worum es geht

Welcome to my site! 
I decided it's time do give to people that are more unfortunate than us and who are in need of support from others. Cancer is a topic which is always present and unfortunately even nowadays we are still not able to cure everyone. It’s not only the illness itself which challenges the parties concerned but also the whole string of monetary challenges attached. Therefore, I would like to raise some money to donate to the charity “Härtefonds der Deutschen Krebshilfe”, so that more people can be supported in their daily life from being able to buy healthy food, get medical support or even buy real hair wigs which are very expensive.

My family has been affected and it was one of the worst things I had to face but we were lucky of not having to worry about money. I don't want to imagine other people having to face the threat of collecting debt and not being able to even buy daily necessities. Having to worry about money whilst fighting a tough battle, no one should be in such a situation.
I decided to cut my hair short in return for a donation from you. 
Every Euro/ Pound will go directly to the charity to support people affected by cancer.
MY GOAL is to collect at least 400 €. 
The charity benefiting from your donations will be “Härtefonds der Deutschen Krebshilfe”. 
Basically, it’s a fund from the German Cancer Support being used to help people who got into financial difficulties due to having to fight cancer. The fund supports them in various ways like mentioned above. The idea is to give people short term financial support in a quick and easy way, so there is at least on thing less to worry about.
It would be great if we could reach that sum together until the End of May. 
Your support means a lot to me. We all could face a terrible situation like that one day and would be happy to receive help.
Hence, it’s time to give!

Thank you,
Marthe xx

Deswegen benutze ich Das Spenden über ist sicher und unkompliziert. Ich werde das von uns zusammen gesammelte Geld später den Hilfsprojekten zuordnen.

M. Schultz

M. Schultz hat diese Spendenaktion am 20. März 2017 veröffentlicht.

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