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BSC2017 - Bathtub Bandits - Spendenaufruf

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It's a rally with a good purpose!

H. Seidel
H. Seidel schrieb am 27.03.2017

What is Bathtub Bandits about? First and foremost, it is a rally around the Baltic Sea. The rules are rather simple: No GPS, no use of motorways, but around 7.500 km driving through Scandinavia, Russia and the Baltics. And all of that in an old bathtub on wheels that is at least 20 years old, on a budget!

But the best about it: It is not only a fun trip! One important aspect of it is to do something meaningful and collect money for a charitable cause. We as team Bathtub Bandits are supporting a project by Deutsche Lebenbrücke e.V.

The project deals with something everyone of us can relate to. Sadly, more and more kids start their day without breakfast, either because there is no money for it or there's no one at home who takes care about it. "Deutsche Lebensbrücke" helps these kids by providing them with breakfast, so they do not start the school day with an empty stomach, thus can be successful. The breakfast Clubs all over Germany are catering to these kids and also provide guidance about nutrition and healthy food. They only need 1,50€ per meal to fill their stomachs and help them take their chances. 
We hope you'll support our charity with a donation and help us reach / exceed our goal!

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